Piss off ME week!

I seem to be just falling out with everyone this week. People are so bloody dumb, not my fault I am dealing with jobsworths on a regular. Now don’t get me wrong I do love people, the industry I work in I meet so many great people. All like-minded, all creative, interesting, funny, mostly smart and genuinely just fun to be around. What do I do? Well without going into too much about my career history, since June 2013 I have worked in the promotions industry. I had a successful time within the leisure industry as a membership sales consultant starting from 2010. I won a trip to Las Vegas plus many other incentives and bonus’s, not to mention met my best friend and many other good friends within this company. Made a big mistake when I was headhunted into a recruitment company, basic was higher, earning potential was greater, mon – fri, just like I thought I wanted. BUT culture shock or what? Spent my weekends dredding monday. Spent the days just dredding each hour. Hated every single minute. The company left me feeling depressed. Thought it was me? I left on mutual terms, kinda, and they belittled me made me feel worthless and unhappy and a complete failure. My boss, was like a jumped up devil spawned female, granted she was turning over thousands each year, but I was smarter than that. Smarter than just looking at her figures but more at how she got there. She got lucky! All there was too it, and I was meant to look up to her? No chance. She couldn’t sell ice to the eskimos, or whatever that saying is. I would try and learn from her, her crap ‘sales’ calls that ended her getting flustered and just angry if something didn’t go her way. No one liked her. The office had a HORRIBLE presence constantly and I dare not breathe out of line in case we woke the beast. Felt like I was at school. I wasn’t depressed, I just was not happy in that environment. I was not me. Always crying. Mad how a company can completely change you as a person. That ended, and it wasn’t long until I joined a new company. Much more me. Full of young people. The culture was similar to what I was used to and I was once again a different person. Enjoyed going to work. Everything was going in the right direction. Then BAM, made redundant. Still doesn’t make sense to this day but again not something I dwell on unless I think about it too much. I was just angry with them, they should never have hired me in the first place if they had an inkling the business wasn’t growing the way they wanted it too. So again I found myself career less with no real idea what I wanted to do. Recruitment wasn’t for me though, how can a person be so disposable?! It was then I decided, I work for the government or work for myself.

Promo has been great, working for lots of fantastic different companies. Pick when I work. My own boss in a sense and I can manage my time. Currently I am an elf, how great is that! Anyway within this time it gave myself, my sister and my sisters boyfriend and idea for a business and so now we are running that. The shop opened last monday and so the past week we have been doing everything to market the brand, whilst being an elf and a law student of course. (Oh yeh forgot to mention the last part)

So the people… yes the people who have been pissing me off this week…. well we have the PCSO who told me it was an offence to swear in a public place, an ‘area manager’ of a previous company me and my sister was contracted too telling us ‘the lawyers are looking into it’ and then today a Security guard telling me I cannot leaflet. All in all… I have had a great week for pissing people off.

Or they are just out to piss me off!

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