My baby is coming !! 

Well I never expected this today. 

After a really healthy pregnancy this time compared to one with my 8 year old, I had hoped on a natural birth. I wanted a water birth in the midwife led unit. I wanted to experience what it felt like to go into labour at home and time my contractions on the app I had downloaded. 

No such luck ! 

Stretch and sweep this morning wasn’t as uncomfortable as I expected but with my cervix still so high I don’t think it was done as well as the midwife thought! It has once again been a stifling day, 30 degrees I believe and the community midwife was not happy with my increased blood pressure of 156/82. I put it down to the weather and didn’t think the visit to the maternity day unit would see me in a hospital bed tonight!  

Blood pressure was increasing at day unit and so they were quite quick to just recommend an induction. My initial reaction wasn’t a good one, my dream was shattered BUT it means less anxiety about WHEN it’s going to happen. No more waiting and soon my beautiful baby girl will be here.

My best friend and boyfriend worked well together today to get me sorted. Couldn’t have asked for better ❤️. My bags weren’t packed and even though I had intentions to do it before I came here the heat just put me off and I thought ‘I’ll just do it later.’ 

It’s 10pm now and I’m in a room on my own , 3 other empty beds, but have just witnessed a lady leave for labour ward. They’ve stuck the monitor on me for a bit again and then can try get some sleep. 

It’s still a waiting game,  they inserted the pessary at about 6pm. Boy that was uncomfortable … And now I just wait to see if anything happens. Unlikely tonight though I’m pretty sure about that. 

Eeeek baby is coming! 

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