A sad day!

I think I can well and truly say goodbye to my jeans now. My black work jeans dug in so much at the cinema last night and they were BIG for me before Christmas!! I said goodbye already to a couple of pairs of size 10 jean jeans already, meaning they are not the stretchy kind. Not a chance will they do up now. I have a pair of high waisted that are nice and roomy usually but even those I can’t imagine will fit me much longer . The jeans I wore today again are my ‘fat jeans’, they were so uncomfortable, just wouldn’t stay up and make my thighs look stupidly LARGE!! So today I bought some leggings, I looked at the maternity section and refused. The normal section is just fine for now, I’m not ready for that sort of commitment just yet! I’m hoping it’s mainly bloat and also how much I’ve been eating. Today I haven’t felt as hungry as previous days, fingers crossed it subsides. Felt pretty rubbish today too, like out of breath and lethargic! Pregnancy sucks!

Saturday night though, and all there is for me and the boy is TV. Oh TV and food ;-).

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