10 weeks pregnant !

It’s almost been a week since we had our reassurance scan, scan was showing that everything was fine. I had another bleed that evening but I’ve put it down to stress related. I have got my self in some right states and it can’t be good on the baby. Other half has learnt this weekend what makes me go and I have some calming down to do. Granted our situation isn’t the easiest and we have a lot of learning to do regarding each other’s ways. He has some sorting out to do in his own head as well regarding some events that happened during his time away. However it seems we have now turned a corner, fingers crossed!

Now for the pregnancy bit! I’m so fucking hungry all the bloody time! The swear word is there to emphasis how hungry I’ve actually been! I have eaten far too much recently it is not OK! I attempted to start a fresh today , monitor my calorie intake. I do not dare weigh myself but from next week I will, to keep on top of it! So my attempt didn’t go so badly , 2100 calories but that’s not including the food I pinched from my boyfriends plate when he had dinner later than me. I’m 5ft 9 and my pre pregnancy weight was 12 stone 2. My fitness pal app thinks to lose 0.5lb a week I can eat 2000 calories so around this figure isn’t so bad. Obviously I have gained with it just being Christmas as well as pregnancy so I am battling with holiday weight too! I do hope this appetite subsides, it’s actually unbearable ! 9pm and I could murder some cheese and biscuits!!


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