Reality check…

imageOk SO I got on the scales. The scales at the gym too which I am so sure are very generous and well… It wasn’t nice. Over a stone heavier than what I was when I was training last summer. People do comment about how I don’t look any different but that’s because the weight is distibuted everywhere. Even my blinking face!!

I knew last night I had a battle already on my hands, looking at old pictures already and comparing it to now. This one in particular , I feel so frumpy, something I just did not want to happen! I have 26 weeks left of this pregnancy and I refuse to hate it as much as I do now! So that is why this morning I got in the gym. I did 40 mins of CV but plan to do that regularly.

The hunger really has subsided. Cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch, and a chicken salad for dinner. I had a packet of salt & vinegar mccoys as a snack and had half an easter egg this evening. Trust me when I say compared to my recent appetite and pig like ways this is GOOD!

I don’t want to be hiding in the my house this summer because I feel like I shouldn’t be seen in public!

Operation fit, healthy and happy pregnancy is on! 🙂

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