Nearly half way ..

.. And after reading my last post I’ve realised I haven’t done what I said I was going to do after week 14.

Ive been good this week but last Saturday gave me a big shock! I weighed 14 stone 6 ! I was 12.2 at Christmas ! I need to continue with the healthy eating I’ve done this week and it really is now operation fit and healthy pregnancy.

A small update before I begin posting a lot more than I have been. Uni was getting too much , I’ve put in to defer a module. After a rough start to the year it really does make sense as I was not focused in the slightest.

Things are so good between me and the Mr. Love him so much. The way he’s took on this role of soon to be daddy, I just couldn’t ask for anymore. Of course it’s been hard but our relationship now is proof that all this hard stuff has been so worth it.

We found out we’re having a little girl!! I was so so shocked. I was just adamant she was a boy and it took me a back a little. It wasn’t even that I really wanted a boy , it was just that I had imagined this baby boy for so long it was almost a grieving process for the boy I’m not actually having! That feeling ended pretty soon though and now I’m absolutely ecstatic she’s a beautiful healthy little baby girl! Her big sister is equally as happy haha.

So yeh, feel confident about everything and calm. I can’t wait for her to be here! I just really need to reign in this weight gain!

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