Nearly half way ..

.. And after reading my last post I've realised I haven't done what I said I was going to do after week 14. Ive been good this week but last Saturday gave me a big shock! I weighed 14 stone 6 ! I was 12.2 at Christmas ! I need to continue with the healthy... Continue Reading →

Reality check…

Ok SO I got on the scales. The scales at the gym too which I am so sure are very generous and well... It wasn't nice. Over a stone heavier than what I was when I was training last summer. People do comment about how I don't look any different but that's because the weight... Continue Reading →

In a happy place :)

Finally... I am in that happy place! I was 14 weeks yesterday according to my dating scan which pushed me 4 days ahead. Bit odd considering I always had a period like clockwork and 4 days ahead would mean conception a) a day before other half was even home and b) right when I wasn't... Continue Reading →

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