It feels like Christmas….. visit day

Any prison girlfriend or wife will know this feeling. I have woken up so excited that today I get to see my boo. The first visit I was full of strange emotions, nerves, excitement, unsure, worried and even a little scared. Today though I just feel excited. Even though he has moved and I again have to learn the procedure of this new ‘hotel,’ it’s ok. Last time I fell completely in love with his gorgeous smile and eyes all over again. Giggled every time he called me beautiful and made a comment about wishing he could just freeze time and take me in the toilets. At the weekend I hated him, had so much I wanted to say today, I hope I don’t forget them. I had calmed down by Monday afternoon and pulled myself out that negative shell and was back to just feeling like a small child at Christmas, just so excited to open my present. I received a letter last night, I love receiving letters. He sounds much better telling me the courses he’s going to be doing, the fact he’s at the gym every day but also his usual stuff of ‘stay loyal’. I feel OK about my mistake, after all he made a mistake at the beginning of our relationship. That does not seem to matter any more, it no longer eats me up. I got him back, we are even and we are in love. I wish I could take a notepad in with me, with a list of things I have to say to him, even just a piece of paper. Prohibited items apparently, like everything is.. not sure what they think I could smuggle in a piece of paper mind. He mentioned that none of his friends had wrote to him, tells me things are going to change with them but then asks me to get their date of birth for the visiting order. I don’t think so sunshine. They won’t be able to get to you here, and I am certainly not taking them. I made a promise to his mum that I will not play taxi and I most definitely will not.

Right best get my act together today is the day !!

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