What is a Bullet Journal?

When I first was told about this concept I took one look at it and thought WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. However that was when the link just took me to pages and pages of codes and words that I didn't quite understand! That was until I found Pinterest. Wow! The idea of all those pretty... Continue Reading →

On reflection

Today was my last working day of the year. I am so thankful for the amazing business I am part of. The director is open and honest in the fact she believes she has a great team and 2018 will be an amazing year for all of us. I am lucky that they know what... Continue Reading →

What is wrong with people?

So on Monday I'm presenting on the importance of boundaries yet I still have to question where the hell mine are! I bought myself an iPad today, my mum put towards it and I've done the right thing. Not opened it up yet. I got my girls some matching Christmas pyjamas today too and that's... Continue Reading →

The boobs are in … 

And omg they hurt today!! I've managed to hand express for relief of some pressure but I've been breastfeeding with tears, gasps and a lot of ouchies this evening.  I wrote a post previously on breastfeeding and how I hoped to do it. Not going to lie after that labour, my thoughts on that operating... Continue Reading →

My baby is coming !! 

Well I never expected this today.  After a really healthy pregnancy this time compared to one with my 8 year old, I had hoped on a natural birth. I wanted a water birth in the midwife led unit. I wanted to experience what it felt like to go into labour at home and time my... Continue Reading →

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