Empower me..

Only a quick one tonight, I had many thoughts going through my head today so I wanted to record them somewhere. Mostly some pointers for future blogs as right now I don’t really have the time to go into them in depth.

I wanted to talk about the ‘other’ side of my abuser. My previous blog (unless you’ve been involved in a similar relationship) really screams ‘why!!’ I think to many! Why stay !? What was I doing? I need to explain all the charm side to this harm to make that understandable too because the truth is… even professionals do not understand. I have spoke to a police woman who really really got it, unfortunately she had experienced it too but she got it. It’s namely those professionals in social services and from my child’s school and that is worrying, that is something that NEEDS changing and NEEDS recognising! My social worker told me today that he’s now saying that I’m lying and trying to ruin his life, not only is that incredibly laughable but it is also incredibly stupid on his part. Better for me but stupid for him. He’s given me more ammunition to clear my fucking name and prove that what he’s done has been nothing but a constant cycle of manipulative lengthy disgusting abuse. So for that I thank him, he’s helped break his control HIMSELF! Let’s not forget that my last conversation he owned up to everything, pleaded sorry and I even felt ‘guilty’ about his arrest. Truth is you cannot believe a word he ever fucking says , NOTHING he EVER says is the truth and that is so destructive. He’s only acting this way now because he can’t actually handle the fact I now FINALLY have a boundary, he cannot cope with how alien this feels to him and how he has well and truly lost me. He’s clutching on to anything he can to try and protect himself as that’s all that matters in his mind. Him!

Another point worth mentioning is .. my social worker said ‘you’re doing good you’re out of it now’ , that is SO far from the truth, it’s worrying that these people actually think this is the way it works. I corrected her ‘no I am getting better but I am under no circumstances ‘out of it’. The fact he’s calling me a liar doesn’t phase me, I expected it. If he saw me tomorrow he would do EVERYTHING he could to hoover (another term professionals should educate themselves on) me back up, and would do that without a second thought. It’s inevitable. Maybe not tomorrow, but 6 months , 2 years whenever I need to prepare for that time… because he will.

She then said ‘ok but I will help you’ again I had to correct her ‘no you will not!’ You have done a pretty shoddy job of doing anything so far and that isn’t a reflection on her but a reflection on the resources available. The sunflower centre is an organisation that helps women who have suffered domestic abuse. I ask the same questions to the police, social services and even to them … what can you do to help me? The truth is .. yes they can arrange an injunction (done that) help me into a refuge (don’t need that) help put safety facilities in place (my flat is secure) but they do absolutely fuck all with the stuff that really keeps me hooked. Securing my flat is only as good as I let it, even an injunction is the same unless my mind is where it needs to be, there is nothing any one of these professionals can do. This got me thinking, my book ‘I mean it this time’ I can and I will help empower women, help them mentally break that cycle. I will use my experience to help make a difference and get rid of that stigma that still is attached to women who are victims of domestic abuse. I can run workshops I can find tools that will really work because currently there isn’t anything like it available. My local council have something called the freedom programme , there’s MUCH better literature out there and there is a gap in the market. I will win, and I will show anyone who has looked down their noses at me what domestic abuse really means and how advice of ‘don’t let him in’ really just doesn’t cut it. If my experience helps at least one woman in the future they I will feel like I have achieved.

I end on a positive. I have a bloody brilliant job which I love, everyone I meet speaks highly of me and everyday I am healing. Dips are normal but I am healing! I made the decision that I would attend the child protection conference in the morning. I am not going to ‘like’ it, the majority of people in the room are so uneducated on this subject it’s scary but you know what. Who cares! I know what I’ve been through, I know what is real and what isn’t , life isn’t just about ticking boxes and following protocols. I could have hidden ALL this from every single one of them but I spoke up! I have proof of that. Instead of judging me they should be praising me. I am me, I will never ever be made to feel less adequate than anyone else in my life so bring it on!

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