Focus and succeed

I feel shattered, I feel lonely and I feel sad. I miss him. The nice him. I resent him. The devil him! I just can’t get it out my head. The healing process is rough!

My presentation didn’t go exactly the way I would have liked where I got a little emotional and cut out some of what I wanted to say. That being said it had a positive reaction, I just need to make sure the next one is better.

I have so much I need to achieve next year. So much I should be doing daily and so many different ideas floating around in my head.

I have my book! I want to get it completed. I have my uni work! I must put it full commitment. I have this blog! I want to blog daily! I want to read all the personal development books I have. I have a Facebook group I have began where I hope women join who are struggling to leave or struggling to heal. When I attempted an online forum previously it didn’t end well and I was judged and slated for not leaving sooner. There needs to be a safe haven where someone isn’t judged!


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