As good a time as any!

Gosh I am shattered. My sleep is all out of sync and I have eaten enough the past couple of days to feed a family of 4. Usually people wait till the1st January to do things they have planned to do different in the new year but time is of the essence I will say especially when I have 2 essays to be in by the 8th January. Argh !

Ok so since getting my iPad for Christmas that I bought for myself I have done a lot of work on my book. The Facebook group is pretty active and since I only started it on the 18th December I am proud that women are already finding support from however I need to do those bloody essays. I wonder if I have taken too much on, and when I was writing my book and put how I am no way trained on the subject of domestic abuse it is all based on my experiences and educating myself on it. I thought hmm maybe there is a course out there too. But no no, not yet… I need to finish my masters first!

So on the morning of the 28th December 2017 I am starting my New Years resolutions now or changes. I will call them changes.

  • Move more – since starting my job my average Fitbit steps have gone down from 15,000 to about 1,500. This isn’t me, I enjoy exercise and love the feeling of my body feeling fit. I will get into that gym too!
  • Eat more healthily – this is so important for my mind space and levels of energy to concentrate and focus
  • Manage my time better – this is important. Less time on social media (although some is needed as I’m building relationships and gaining trust) but it needs to be more structured.
  • Daily glads – I will do this everyday as per Taz Thornton’s book ‘unleash your awesome’. I will list 5 things at least of what I am glad for of that day.
  • Money – I will spend it more wisely

And with all this I will change my life in 2018!!

Oh and every evening I will blog. Even if it is just a paragraph.. it’s important for my accountability !

Enjoy xx

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