Goodbye 2017 ..

I know that New year New me stuff can be seen as a cliche, but for me this year … It is definitely more than that.

I say goodbye to 2017 feeling pretty darn positive. I literally have 6 dresses to decide from, my beautiful daughters by my side, I will be spending the evening with some of my favourite people and of course a drink or two. What more could a girl ask for?

I learnt a lot this year. I am no longer ashamed about what has happened. Disappointed yes, but not ashamed. The past four years of my life haven’t felt like mine, none of it should have happened to a girl like me. I have of course blamed myself for letting it but the truth is anything can happen to anyone and nothing will ever prepare you.

So 2018 is my new journey. Healing and over coming the events I have endured. Using the pain and turning such a big negative into a positive. My mind is filled with positivity and I have so many ideas I may explode! I know I’ll still have bad days, I know this journey isn’t over yet but …

…. 2018 I am so ready!

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