My 2018 New Years Resolutions

So here we are 1st January 2018, a fun night was had and today as been a major ‘not giving a damn day.’ (I haven’t even brushed my hair)

Anyways I aim to set some resolutions and to make me accountable I am listing them in this blog.

  • Cut out caffeine/Drink more water – I know how good doing these simple things make me feel. I also know by doing these things I am less likely to eat crap. I also will have more energy, my skin will look better and I will stop the binge eating. Mad how just a herbal tea changes my whole mindset.
  • Move more – Since I have been working my exercise has dropped dramatically. I am aiming for 8,000 steps a day at least. Currently most days I only do around 2,000 which is terrible and far from the fitness level I was. I would love to get back into running too so I aim to actually get my arse to the gym.
  • Read more – Now I have my iPad with kindle back and still a load of unread books all for personal development I really want to read more. I may set my self mini tasks daily but of course my business law masters reading should take precedence. However the books I have are very important since it is all about healing from abuse.
  • Spend money more wisely – I do waste a lot of money and I am very carefree at times (until the last week before pay day). I will just monitor it better.
  • Write a book – we’ll finish it. Aiming for end of March!
  • Blog more and be more open about my experience – This I’ve been doing well since October anyway but I want to make sure this continues. Increase my audience, with the ultimate goal being to help and inspire other women to really say ‘I mean it this time’. Also increase my Facebook likes on my Page and grow the support Group also. I will also be super honest with everything, no matter how shameful it is.

So there we have it. My aims and goals for 2018. I also have the masters that I am doing and my job that I love, that I am super dedicated to the business development side. So all round it’s a positive bloody beginning to a year.

On a personal level too I really want to date more. My friend spoke about this to me before, explaining how fun it is and I should just do it. It will be part of the healing process but right now I am just communicating with men who are in theory ‘safe’ as we have history. So men that I know. M is obviously not going anywhere but I still feel like that’s a dangerous game, I am falling for him again. Doh! Or is it just because he’s being so nice to me? We actually laugh loads on the phone and he’s helping this process by making me more aware of how badly I was treated and also giving me faith that there is someone else out there. I did see an old flame on Saturday night, he’s one I met out over 4 years ago now. He’s also the same guy who I went with just before my ex was released from jail! That was as good as it always was with him. Again this is great for healing. I was so obsessed with the man who was abusing me and always said he was the best I ever had. Truth is it began to not feel that way! Sharing my body with him, my mind was constantly reminding me how truly awful he had been and I stopped fancying him as much as I did. Being around someone who is incredibly sexy, has never ill treated me, openly tells me how he’ll never forget that first night we met amongst other things to boost my ego and knows what he’s doing made the night 100x better!

So to finish, 2018 I will no longer be obsessed with my ex. The beginning of 2017 I was so sure I did not want anyone else, so adamant I just could never move on, not even sure I could ever kiss another man. I then started believing I would never love anyone as much as him and I would never connect so well sexually with another either but the past 4 weeks I’ve realised that also isn’t true.

I will love again and I will find a loving healthy relationship… when the time is right 😊

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