Happy Mothers Day

I could get quite used to being able to blog in the morning. Usually it has always been the evening (or the middle of the night when I have been unable to sleep). I got a little over 5 hours sleep. No alarm needed and like clock work I wake at 6am. It’s a Sunday god dammit!

I didn’t actually eat that much yesterday, my appetite has gone. Perhaps I won’t gain as much weight as I thought during this. I bought myself a new Fitbit, a little present to myself. I want to still go out for walks and hopefully can start my running again.

I felt very emotional yesterday and I got my feelings across to the ‘friend’ I mentioned yesterday. It needs to end, despite showing him this week my vulnerable side and letting my guard down he clearly lacks the emotional intelligence to handle it. I feel sad, but the situation isn’t helping really either. I am just annoyed he got inside my head, actually thought he cared. Oh well… we move on.

It’s Mothers Day and despite social media telling me that I should not be seeing my mum. I am. My mum is not high risk. My mum is going to be having my kids every Wednesday anyway and she lives with my sister who I will be seeing every day since she will be dropping off my niece (who also lives with my mum). My step dad is still going to work, as is my sister and her boyfriend. My nan however is a different story, sadly she is staying at home.

I watched David Icke yesterday (despite me saying I am done with conspiracies) but it was really interesting and it makes sense to me. He was talking about how a huge % of us would get it/have had it and would barely even notice, so why not just protect those who are at risk. He believes it is to crash the economy. Makes sense.. it is going to happen. An article by the BBC too today, discussing how we will never know the true numbers of those who have died because of coronavirus as it a huge grey area with those who have died with coronavirus. There is a huge difference. 56 died yesterday, but 1500 plus die everyday in the UK due to a whole heap of things.. looking at it like that, the numbers are not bad especially when linking it with the BBC news article, would they have died anyway? More alarming is seeing the news  about Italy. 793 died yesterday the rate is increasing massively everyday and it is reported that we are just under 2 weeks behind them. That is scary. Yet again, a report released on March 18 2020, 99% of those who have died had other illnesses. 48.5% had 3 or more other illnesses and the average death age is 79.5. All of Italy’s victims under 40 (17) have been males with serious existing medical conditions. I am no way excusing this or with the mindset that ‘they are old anyway’… but perspective is important. Imagine a world where deaths were reported daily on the news about everything, those 1500 a day constantly drilled down our throats. We would all be super miserable every single day. Hearing 56 makes me feel miserable!

I am doing a lot of removing and muting on Facebook, I understand they mean well but self care is important to me. I cannot deal with too much of all this negativity. It’s insane. Also those who are quoting stuff wrong. I don’t want to see the assumed 3% mortality rate, this is not facts it is simply creating fear. To get a true mortality rate, we need years of data, and also need to be testing far more people than we are. The UK are currently only testing the sick and in hospital (it seems), if we have symptoms we are being told to self isolate for 14 days. These people possibly have it and are not being tested therefore skewing the stats but a MASSIVE amount. There is talks of a new anti-body test, this will test to see if you have ever had it and when, this will be a game changer and it is needed to get the world moving again.

Anyway I am about to eat my scrambled eggs on toast cooked by my oldest daughter, then shower and battle the supermarket.

My 3 year old randomly just said ‘I am so excited, I am not going to nursery anymore.’ Thankyou for reminding me kid… hahaha

mothers day


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