Are strong and independent women unattractive to men?

Facts are facts apparently, and in no time in history has a man desired a woman who is strong and independent. This is what I was told by the man I have been sleeping with. Despite being told that this wasn’t about me, it’s quite difficult to separate the emotion that that statement brings. I... Continue Reading →

You couldn’t write this stuff!

If you've been following my story you will know I was successful in getting a Non Molestation Order on my ex back in October 2017. He was served the order beginning of November and it was serving his purpose as he moved away and left me alone... fully. On 20th November we had our return... Continue Reading →

Feeling so confused

I guess all these emotions are so normal. I also think it's pretty normal to be getting all the flashbacks again after everything that happened Monday. There were a lot of triggers mentioned in the statement and it brings them all up again. I have bad period pains, and pretty much wasted another night not... Continue Reading →

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