Seeing things more clearly ..

I’ve had a good day and I’m even feeling ok about being alone tonight. I went into town earlier and I bought a few items. Crazy how just shopping can bring back nasty vile memories of the man I was insanely in love with. Bin bags! Yes bin bags ... I remember buying a cheaper... Continue Reading →

Pen pals

It 2:22am, I am not remotely tired. My brain ticking but for once not be for bad reasons. 'Studying contract law whilst watching a documentary on death row and wondering if my incarcerated boyfriend would mind I had a new pen pal' ... This was my actual tweet. It's true, promissory estoppel was going way... Continue Reading →

No new mail..

I guess having a man in jail can be sometimes no different to having a man out here. They still find a way to leave you feeling disappointed and alone, granted it is different now. It isn't so easy to pick up the phone or send a text and there are barriers in the way... Continue Reading →

Why has he not called?

The title of the post would have been for very different reasons this time last year. This year I'm wondering what the hell has happened since Friday when my inmate would have got his phone credit, not a peep out of him. Not seeing him is one thing, but not having a phone call makes... Continue Reading →

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