Soft Lockdown

Yesterday was Monday and the first day of 'home schooling', it went ok. I got quite a bit of work done but it was stressful at times. Somehow my garden looks like a tip (due to the kids emptying the shed) and I had to lay down some rules. I had my niece as planned... Continue Reading →

Happy Mothers Day

I could get quite used to being able to blog in the morning. Usually it has always been the evening (or the middle of the night when I have been unable to sleep). I got a little over 5 hours sleep. No alarm needed and like clock work I wake at 6am. It's a Sunday... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of Social Distancing

How am I going to get through these times I ask myself. I go from feeling like 'everything is going to be ok, it's an adventure, it's an experience.. it's just different and we can adapt' ... to thinking .. how will I cope? I have no normality. I had been feeling very low coming... Continue Reading →

Back in the game … kinda :-/

It's hard to blog when your identity is no longer hidden. Whilst typing this opening sentence I decided to take the web address to this blog down from across my social media. I want to be real as possible again .. my current settings meant that the men I have been seeing (if you could... Continue Reading →

When Love Island triggers …

.. I love reality TV. My escapism, my date night. Being single can get kinda lonely and investing your time in complete strangers actually strangely has a positive effect to my life. When I saw Anna and Jordan grow close and saw them falling for one another I felt happy, felt like there was hope.... Continue Reading →

Days like these ..

When you want to cry but there are no tears, your heart feels heavy, your mind feels stuffy. This is my current state. I feel like I want to shout so hard, but I have no words. I am numb. My past feels like just a nightmare that I didn't really live. I sometimes feel... Continue Reading →

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