What is a Bullet Journal?

When I first was told about this concept I took one look at it and thought WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. However that was when the link just took me to pages and pages of codes and words that I didn't quite understand! That was until I found Pinterest. Wow! The idea of all those pretty... Continue Reading →

Seeing things more clearly ..

I’ve had a good day and I’m even feeling ok about being alone tonight. I went into town earlier and I bought a few items. Crazy how just shopping can bring back nasty vile memories of the man I was insanely in love with. Bin bags! Yes bin bags ... I remember buying a cheaper... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!

So that's it , Christmas out the way. Well almost! Christmas Day went ok, I was awake at 5am. Made me laugh when friends and relatives asked 'what time was she up?' referring to my daughter. She wasn't the problem, it was me! I just couldn't sleep, she woke at 6am and I then went back... Continue Reading →

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