If you need a job doing ..

… Then do it yourself !! 

I’ve adopted a new tactic. I no longer get on at him I just make back up plans ha.

Yesterday I needed him back for a certain time to watch Courtney. I decided to have a back up babysitter in case he was late so it would avoid any arguments. Bloody called my bluff didn’t he and he was on time. Today I rang him and said ‘is painting today a myth’ , he laughed and said ‘is that the only reason why you rang.’ I remained calm and said it was all ok. 

I then went and done it myself haha, not going to lie I did feel the pain once I was reaching high and low and I was glad when the wall was done but pretty proud of my self now ! 

Ok so it needs another coat .. But that’s normal right?! Hmm maybe the picture highlights it’s flaws more haha. But Dominic was impressed and said he’ll do the second coat first thing in the morning when he finishes work. (We’ll see) I feel confident in doing the other walls now though since they are just ‘Almond Crush’ … I’ve got this!! 

I’m feeling less anxious about him holding a job down this week. It was silly of me before to get myself so worked up about him getting to work on time. He is an adult! I must remember this. He also seems very enthused about work this week and happy. When he’s happy his vibe is happy , before he went to work he said ‘Can’t wait to meet that beautiful little girl’ and ‘ I love you both so much.’ 

Is all our past finally behind us ?! I hope so! ​

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