Day 3

I was a bit drunk to write this before I went to bed. I skipped dinner and went for the wine instead. 852 calories consumed in total and 7,151 steps. Amazing what stress and anxiety has done for my diet! 

So my gut was correct. The last 2 weeks he was cheating on me again!! The man, sorry boy is an absolute joke of a human being. He thinks I’d fall for it all again, no f’ing way. I suspected it these 2 weeks and he told me I was going crazy, told me I was paranoid. How he understood that trust takes a while!! But I was right!! I was so right and you know what … that feels good! 

I spoke to the girl, she’s 20, luckily she has no emotional attachment to him and so she doesn’t want to know. She apologised for not talking to me before and I apologised for calling her the names I did but she understood why. He lied and told her our baby was 1 ! Told her he was living at his grandmas… the same old shit. Told me the same bullshit stories as to why he wasn’t coming back and I just knew !! He hasn’t even gave it a proper chance … straight back into another girls bed. Just shows how little feelings he had for that last one too. 

He began by trying to deny it to me and then I hear ‘I’ve fucked up can we talk.’ No fucking way!! He also said ‘don’t be gassed we both know what’s going to happen.’ He literally believes I would take him back again! Hahaha no chance in hell. 

Anyway yes I’ve cried, yes I’m gutted but to be honest I needed it. He’s wotless , doesn’t have a hope in hell in succeeding and the sooner he’s back inside the better! 

I do not need him at all!! 

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