I’ll do what it takes!

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I have a court date to apply to a judge for a non-molestation order against my ex abuser. I’m finally doing something I have threatened to do for so long.

I tried to be amicable with him but the manipulation and control was still rife. Trying to end a relationship with a narcissist and remain in contact is not possible, I know this now. Any relationship that ends is difficult and often painful but ending one with a narcissist is something else. When normal relationships come to an end there are often many moments you can look back on and smile. Saviour the memories, feel sad it may be over but recovery is an easier process. When a relationship ends with a narcissist there are few happy memories, the majority tainted by bad and ugly visions repeating inside your head.

This isn’t getting over a relationship it’s getting over trauma.

Narcissists will not easily give up their narcissistic supply, they feed off the attention you give them and the admiration, they gloat that despite how badly they have treated you they can still convince you that everything will be ok. A single conversation is enough for a narcissist to get back under your skin. They make it impossible to not feel trapped, they still control, they still abuse and they still think they have rights over you! Abusive to the core in a desperate attempt to make out that in fact it was all brought on myself, I should have expected it. I deserved it! That he would have given me his whole world should I had been better to him. Even just last week he carried on trying to soothe me and sweeten me ‘I’ve fucked up, there’s something wrong with me. I need you!’ He explains. ‘Let me take you out for a drink’ he calmly said, a drink? He’s fucking crazy!

There will be no drinks, there will be no phone calls and there will be no contact! Tomorrow is a good day!

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