Just over half way as a prison wife .. 

I was fooling myself with the doubts. I couldn’t leave him. I see his face and I melt. I see how his eyes go when he hears my words about the doubts I have. It would break him. He is so in love with me and that’s enough. We kiss and I need more. I cuddle him and never want to let him go. God what I would do for a night alone with him no screws, no large room, no dogs. One day!

We have 8 months left, tag is looking unlikely after the fight he had so December 21st is our focus. Imagine the feeling on that day for both of us. I’m planning in my head what we can do on that day, hotel, dinner, drinks. I have said previously how I wouldn’t cope if he didn’t get tag but I actually think it would be terrible for our relationship. 7pm every night, we’d have no money and my single occupancy benefits would stop so I’d have to work more to try make up that deficit and I just think it would be complete stress! If it happens obviously I will be happy but it’s not a disaster if it doesn’t. I love him and he is worth the wait I know that much.

I spoke with 2 other prison girlfriends today both said they would never put themselves through this again. One had 2 small children and the other was pregnant and due in July, hats off to those women although they are dealing with shorter sentences having children involved would make it 100 times worse. I would also see the man as far more selfish, being a father and risking life away from them is unforgivable. Although I understand mistakes happen and previous offences can come back and bite them in the arse but some are just plain stupid and do not learn!

242 days to go …

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