Day 2 and somewhat calmer .. 

I have calmed down, I should give him the benefit of the doubt really after all I’m going by a stupid Instagram post and knowing his cousin he just wants to show off. Although not quite sure what there is to show off about ‘trap money’ but hey. This being said I will talk to him about it of course but I cannot ignore what he has said to me, he wants a real job, a real career, a real family and his days of being on the streets are long gone. I guess I just fear the worst but can you blame me?

On a positive note I have decided to run the London marathon next year, well I have applied anyway, fingers crossed my chosen charity accepts me. It is a massive challenge but it is something I have always wanted to do and what better than to do it the year I am 30. The year my life has a new beginning with my soul mate home. 

Today I have consumed 1,330 calories, I did 8k earlier on the treadmill. Well it was interval training but believe me it put me through a right sweat. 1 minute brisk walk 1 minute sprint for 56 minutes. Determined to beat my 1hr 12 mins for this years 10k Race for Life. All this sexual frustration is coming to some use in my running 😉 

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