Day 3 .. 69 days till Ibiza

I woke up feeling shattered, going to bed now feeling shattered and it’s only 8:30pm. I did a 1k run just after the school run thinking it is at least something and means less time wasted in a gym. My legs are still aching from yesterday and it didn’t go well. 

Been really hungry today and eaten 1’530 calories. I can hear the co co pops talking to me from the cupboard too, it’s inevitable that a bowel of those will be consumed. Argh I don’t want to feel this tired, I wanted to do some more revision tonight, it’s hard at the best of times let alone when I am feeling so tired. 

Anyway my boy called me early this morning. That hasn’t happened in months, it’s almost like he knew I needed to speak to him. See soul mates. He said he had had a really vivid dream and he needed to hear my voice, I do still like those unpredictable phone calls. I spoke of my concerns and his response was as I expected, and I now feel a little stupid for getting so irate over a comment his stupid cousin put on social media. He had only 5 minutes this morning but he called back later in the afternoon. He wants a future, proper stability, as I knew. I told him how I just get scared about the future and how I could end up back in the same situation once again. He understood and then admitted he gets scared everyday that I could get taken from him. By someone with more money, more stability, better educated etc. I hear that but I am glad he has some insecurities anyway. 

Anyway co co pops are calling …. 

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