So it’s May .. 

The fifth month of the year… I just need to get to the twelfth month and this empty lonely feeling will have gone. 

This time last year I knew he was going, I knew my life was about to change. I need to feel comfort in the fact that it’s now all in the past and the time is ticking and it will end! 

Now let’s get through May! 

May challenges: 

lose 5lbs 

Study at least 1 hour a day , 3 hours on days I’m not working 

No more wasting calories on junk food 

Run 100k (using Nike plus) 

Been to the cinema tonight, been home over an hour and I have just laid in bed wasting time, as per! Revision timetable is going to be planned now and then more Human Rights revision. 

1,845 calories consumed and I was slightly over on fat and sugars but that’s ok. I didn’t eat any ‘junk’ which is my collective word in May for chocolate, crisps, sweets and your obvious crap that most of us consume daily. I think the sugar was high in my diet today due to the smoothie I had which was yummy! So whatevs.

I ran 4k in 23 mins 37 seconds this morning, my plan is for tomorrow an early morning run at the gym and complete the 6.4k the nikeplus app is telling me to do. 

May I’m ready …. Kinda! 

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