I feel so sad …

I need to snap out of this. I have already napped for a while. These exams won’t revise themselves! BBC Question Time is just making me angry, and I keep thinking about sweets to make me feel slightly happy. 

I miss him, I miss him so much. A year ago today was when he was arrested. A year ago tonight I had a sleepless night not having a clue what was happening just wanting to hear his voice. Why do I feel so sad? The good news is this time next year he will be here, back with me and probably annoying me lol. 

His brother rang me today. I couldn’t believe it. He’s been gone 8 months and he is only just asking me for his prisoner number and address. He also said he felt he had a duty to see if I’m ok beings I am his brothers missis. Say what??? The last time I even spoke to him was after he was screaming in my street at us both. That being said I do hope he does write to him and they can have a normal relationship now. Family is important, even if they do have some making up to do. 

1,376 calories today, not enough water and I really need sweets to get me through my revision session ! 

Law student life !!! 

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