I am better than this

I can’t shake it from my head I want to badly to ring this fool and tell her to get her pointy nose out of my business! 2 months you’ve known him and he was sleeping with me the whole time yet you call him your ‘partner’. You messed up individual!

I am so so angry that she even had the audacity to think that her shitty words on a piece of paper would even stand anywhere against all the mountains of evidence I have. He told me she loves the cocaine maybe that’s what it was for. Extra drugs from him. He told me she was constantly asking him if he’s seen me, whether he still loves me, questions after questions. I intimidate her clearly!! She told him about her ex and how she has trust issues so kept asking him to confirm their relationship. Obviously he told me he got annoyed by her and fucked her off but that ain’t in his nature. He won’t have. He told me he admitted he still loves me to her, that’s no doubtably bullshit too and clearly this ‘letter’ is her desperate needy pathetic attempt at trying to make her look like his guardian angel. Dumb bitch all you’ve done is make it worse because I will NOT be made out to be a liar and I will NOT allow my daughter around someone like him nor someone like you! Coke loving abuser sympathiser! This is highlighted how toxic, how manipulative and how much of an abuser he really is. Already got his next supply he’s love bombing, already disrespecting, since EVERY opportunity he has it has been about me. He’s fed her a pack of lies and I will be dammed if I even allow contact in a contact centre. He isn’t safe, he isn’t sane and he will ruin my baby girl too just like he ruins everyone else !

She mentioned in her letter how he’s never intimidated her. I’m glad you think your small experience of him overpowers my 4 years of knowing him. Abusers only turn abusive when they don’t get their own way, maybe you’ve just been a wet lettuce and allowed all his disrespect. Well that’s evident since he was sleeping with both of us at the same and you CLEARLY know about that. Also he obviously doesn’t give two toots about you, he has no need to be jealous, controlling or intimidating. It’s been 2 months, you’re just a bed to sleep in , a body to fuck you have NO right to tell me that my ex partner is not abusive.

But I will not rise to her. The reactive person in me wants to react and go for her. Tell her to mind her own business and tell her how desperate he was for me yesterday. But no the smart me will refrain, she will learn, I will just give the evidence to the police and carry on. I don’t want that disgusting human and I hope you get pregnant and get beaten up again!! Then we’ll see how strongly you feel that ‘he is not this man I make him out to be.’

Nearly day 1 again of no contact and I even sent my daughter with his number on the ripped up piece of paper to school so she could give it to the family support worker I’ve been working with. I didn’t want it in my presence ! It’s evidence to the police and his ‘I don’t care about being arrested’ can be put into practice now. Hopefully the police are coming to take my statement tonight .

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