A social media rant 

Snapchat and Instagram, social media sites that when used properly can be fun, light-hearted and enjoyable but once again this evening the cousin has made my blood boil. This time on snapchat, man is doing videos of his cash saying ‘look at all his money’… It probs looks about £300. £400 tops!! Does he not realise in the grand scheme of things that isn’t a great deal?! Like if I didn’t have a mortgage to pay and a flat to run I would be laughing. It’s called being an adult! Having bills to pay and a flat I can call mine is far more important than having a few quid in my pocket. Last I heard he worked at KFC but with no responsibilities (as he doesn’t pay for his kids) I can see why he got a little excited over some paper. Jeez. The man is so stupid. Well I say man, nothing grown up about that boy. I know what he’s doing too, making out like its ‘trap money’, the silly little boy couldn’t run a vegetable patch let alone trap on the streets like life is some rap song. I need him as far away from my man as possible. Embarrassing. Time I removed him! 

Today I worked for a GPS sports watch brand, and now I need one in my life. If I get accepted into the marathon I Defo need to purchase one. At about £140 though they are not cheap but I see it as an investment and as I was once spending that on a PT per month this is well worth it. 

1767 calories today, no run but I did walk over 11,000 steps at work so I have been active. No studying tonight, too tired. There’s still time yet though, maybe something relatively straight forward like Occupiers liability. Must keep up the momentum! 

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