so 2,500 calories consumed, with a 40 minute continuous run (which I am proud of) and about a 1/4 of the day studying the Human Rights Act! I am getting there, kinda, slowly! Far more calories than I would have liked and most of the extras was sugar that I just do not need in my diet. All my running is making me loads more hungry plus I’m due on next week so this week is the devil week for wanting allll the food. Other girls can relate right?! 

My run is a positive defo, some inconsistencies with the distance, the treadmill and my app both said different but meet in the middle and it was about 6k and I didn’t stop once! Woo! 

Studying, I did well earlier but this evening has been the same routine of wasting time. An hour phone conversation with my sister and what’sapp pinging me with my friends telling me of their dramas. The friend I’ve spoke of previously who also has a man in jail and had been seeing someone else received a letter from him today. He ended it! In a letter!! Like what?! Now I know I do not know the ins and outs but that seems so harsh, especially considering she felt she couldn’t end it whilst he’s banged up in there. Their story is completely different to ours she was his co-defendant, they been together 5 years, split up, had different partners then got back together last year whilst he was inside. She then seemed to me like they were madly in love if anything more so than me at times, and now it’s all over. We were getting through this journey together with the same release dates and now I’ve lost her but hey. I can do this. On my own. 

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