Day 4 and in need of a plan …

… So it’s 4 weeks to exams, I have quite a lot of work booked in and also training for the 10k Race for life.

I have just had a meeting with my personal tutor (very late in the year) but the action plan section we had to think about got me thinking about how action plans can be a very good idea not only academically but also in real life. Tonight I shall plan a revision timetable for the next 4 weeks. 

I went over 2,000 calories yesterday the co co pops got the better of me and although today I am not eating badly I know this evening potentially a chippy is on the cards. As long as I don’t over eat right? My relationship with food can be  just like that , my mentality of ‘diet starts tomorrow, eat all the food’ has happened far too much in the past and ironically the times I have lost the most weight and felt the best have been times I have trained ALOT and not focused too hard on the word ‘diet’. My fitness pal is great for that, just making me a little bit more conscious of what I am eating and how much. I was getting into the habit again of thinking I had ate a lot in one day, “so let’s just eat some more” when in reality I really hadn’t. 

The truth is I am already feeling loads better, my legs are back to looking slim and if I turn to my side and breathe in 😉 I know I can get there. Basically what I am saying is, if I want chocolate I am going to eat it. Revision and sugar free is just too much, plus I have 4 weeks after exams finish before Ibiza when I can focus more on nutrition. 

The more I think about the marathon the more I hope I am successful it getting a place. I have ALOT to work on but I am prepared for that challenge. 

… Right lecture time 


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