It needs to be goodbye …

In just little over a week I’ve managed to put myself through more heartache and stress. I just knew getting rid of his clothes would some how come back like it’s my fault.Even said I should never have chucked him out in the first place as that’s why it went wrong. I’ve at times felt like we have moved forward but in reality we haven’t. I should have left him too it when I said I was going too last week.

The Saturday came and I was with his friend and girlfriend whose baby was just 1 week old. His friend rang him from my phone and you could tell he felt a certain way about that. He was cold and rude which I said was unnecessary. Anyway his battery died but he made the conscious effort to ring me back from another phone and left it that he would call me around 6pm to tell me that once again he couldn’t watch our baby as he was ‘busy.’ It’s funny how it was all my fault why he hadn’t seen her. He’s expecting me to call him and arrange when he can see her. He’s a big person , that isn’t my job. If he wants to see her he should call!! I should have listened to that this week.

Saturday evening came and I was pleasantly shocked that he said he would come by and watch her whilst I went out. I didn’t go out for long but it felt so good. He’s so easy to read and almost as soon as I picked him up he’s looking at me with those eyes. He’s so transparent it’s hilarious, I began by telling him to not look at me like that, nor could he touch me or call me babe. He felt no shame in saying how I wasn’t single, how it’s just a bad patch. Suggested I should just stay in with him and have ‘drunk sex’ or maybe my sister came to watch the baby whilst me and him went out.. ‘maybe it’s what we need’ apparently. I stuck to my guns and went out.. I got quite drunk and came home. He questioned something on my cheek which made it look like someone had kissed me (they hadn’t) and then it wasn’t too long until we were having sex! Doh !! Error!! It’s so good though, I can’t lie and it just comes so natural. He leaves telling me he needs to get rid of this girl … hmm like I haven’t heard that before.

Sunday he makes plans to come for 6pm, he doesn’t show nor is his phone on. Drives me mad. It certainly doesn’t get to me like it used too, I just come from a different world. A world where that type of behaviour is just plain rude and unacceptable it’s sad that I expect it from him. It’s a good job his daughter doesn’t understand, but it shows me more so why we need proper visits arranged. I can’t be putting my life on hold for him when he can’t even show.

Monday morning he texts me explaining he would do anything for both of us and he was sorry. He asks me to call him and again it’s the same old shit. How he would have literally died for me, done time for me, how I broke his heart. All I can say is how we’ve both done each other wrong but nows the time to mend it , he does agree and he came over later in the evening. There was no sex this time but lots of kissing and eye contact.

Tuesday he was meant to come over first thing … he didn’t! A row on the phone which saw me mention a fancy dress outfit for baby for Halloween escalate to him calling me a fucking prick. By the evening again he’s telling me he loves me. He’s unstable!!

Wednesday I feel sad. I call him and then text saying ‘just calling to say I miss you.’ He replied saying ‘aww b xx’ then a couple of hours later he calls out the blue and once again says how much he loves us both and would see us later. He lets us down but promises Thursday first thing.

Thursday first thing didn’t happen, shock !! I didn’t call. I didn’t text. Just keeping all this recorded if in the future I’m questioned as to why we can’t arrange times between us both for him to see his daughter. He mentions on the phone how the dumb bitch from Heath is pissing him off too. I calm him down … she’s nothing to do with me. He later explains how she’s constantly on it him about his phone, how she saw a text from me saying ‘miss you too’ and kicked off. All I could say is that I did warn him, considering they both started on lies.. she’s never gonna trust him and well let’s face it she bloody shouldn’t! We have a nice evening, we kiss and cuddle, I cooked and he had no problems in telling me how he’s sick of take aways with her. He does bring up the past, tells me how much he hates pics of me when he was inside. He loves them because I look so fit and a reminder of how all his ‘friends’ in jail would comment about how good his woman looked but hates them because he just thinks how another man was enjoying me. I’ll get that body back!! To which he replies ‘yeh then I’ll have you back.’ How shallow! He tells me again he just wants time and he most probably will end up back with me eventually but his head is just a mess. He leaves saying would see me tomorrow.

Friday, and I pick him up from work. We argue in the car after he makes me take him to the area she lives .. takes the piss! Ok I’m accepting what he’s doing and letting him work out for himself who he really wants but that’s completely just taking the biscuit. He’s cold and distant in the car and I hate it when he goes like this. I don’t help myself at all because I cry and go mental at how he’s so different to the previous evening. Like a crazy fool he denies even recently telling me he loves me. He even said ‘if you had never called her it would have just fizzled out with her and we’d still be together now.’ Again trying to make me feel like its my fault!! I take him to get his hair done before his friends come over to mine. I don’t know why I do this to myself … I knew I was seeing him later and I know he’d be a lot warmer, why do I wind myself up when he’s so rude!!!?? As soon as he got to mine to pick up his bike he winks and says ‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean all that, you know I love you. I just need to sort a few things out.’ My tears earlier were pointless! He goes off to shower (at hers) and then comes back. We act like a couple with his friends there , he strokes my face, leans in to kiss me. Makes comments about how he’s getting his long legged blue eye beauty (that’s me) back into squats. Once they leave he’s all over me .. this time it wasn’t me putting it on him. It was different, we kiss a lot before he leads me into my bedroom. He undresses himself and me, we are still kissing standing up just our naked bodies touching. During sex he keeps telling me to kiss him, and our eyes are locked as he tells me how much he loves me and misses me. I can’t help it … I fucking love him too. So much .. !! I just see a lost confused boy and it’s for me to help him. It was me who hurt him and I want to make it all better. He apologised again for what he did and was so sincere in saying how I deserve better and how I was too good for him. He called our sex crazy and was still touching me whilst saying how we would end up together. I’m his wife, always have been and always will be, and that we’ve both just had affairs. His needs to bloody stop though, I ask him how I’m meant to cope when I know he’s with her and he just says he’s barely there. That’s not good enough really but I must try and put it to the back of my mind. Of course I don’t … it drives me mad. He lets us down Saturday night and although he sees it as just me he’s letting down. He isn’t! He tells me today that she heard him say ‘I’ll make it up to you’ and she cried. Maybe he likes all this! Probably!

He doesn’t go to work today, Sunday. He’ll lose that job too.. he’s then so different with me on the phone cos she’s there. I cannot handle that shit. I should just bite my tongue and wait for him to come over but why should I ?? It showed me once again today how his behaviour is disgusting .. coming to me with all this love talk yet using her as an escapism and somewhere to stay. I feel sorry for her. I hear how he speaks to her too. Told her to fuck off, how’s she’s dumb and a prick. He has no respect for women whatsoever!  At least I know that’s just his nature and not because ‘like he says’ I broke his heart. It kicked off big time this evening, the venom and anger he has regarding his time in jail is scary. I feel like I can’t let him go , he shouts at me how all this is all my fault. I ripped him of any emotion he ever had, how he will never love another woman again because of how much I hurt him. He even said things like he didn’t want to come home to me on his release and how things play over and over in his mind. Some of the things he says I think are genuine but when he says he left all his heart in that cell I don’t believe him. No way. Along this bad journey that has been 2016 even with all the nastiness and anger I’ve still seen that sincere loving Dominic, the one who couldn’t let me go. The one who would scream in my face how much he fucking loves me and even his actions on Friday night … he can’t fake that. He still leaves me saying we’re going to try and work through it and put everything in the past. Only me and him can go from screaming and shouting to then kissing and saying I love you. It’s draining !! But my heart is breaking .. so bad .. and after everything he’s put me through I didn’t think it could break anymore.

Tonight I had to think about him with her again. He’s crazy for thinking another girl will take away his pain, using her as a way to hurt me is sick. He talks so bad of her to me, how she’s not his future, how he thinks of me when he’s with her, even said in front of his friends on Friday that she’s his landlord! Plus he cheats on her and is obviously just using her for a place to stay. He won’t stay with her .. nor will he keep away from me. It’s me who has to put a stop to that.

Tonight made me realise I need to stop seeing him. If we can’t make seeing me just about Ariana then I can’t mentally or emotionally cope with the turmoil he puts me through. I wish I could be around him and just be calm and politely tell him to remove his hand from my body parts or to not lean and kiss me, but right now I’m too weak for that. It feels too good and just right and natural but then when he leaves it feels devastating. Far too much of a rollercoaster and I can’t put up with it anymore.

Yes I hurt him but I often think he’s laying this on thick because he’s ashamed about how he’s treated me. Getting his justification in so he doesn’t feel so bad for shitting all over me when I was heavily pregnant and had his newborn baby. If it wasn’t this it would be something else and I only need to read that old blog and be reminded of how he was before he went to jail too! Deep down he has a good heart but on that surface is a very dark, malicious, selfish, vile creature. Why don’t I see that side more ?!?

I need to be strong !

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