Day 1/40

So there’s 40 days left of this year and after doing so well with my diet I then went way off the rails over my birthday weekend. My weight loss stood at 2 stone 3 lbs, weighing in at 14 stone 2. Exactly 2 stone heavier than I was this time last year. I’m not weighing myself now until Christmas Eve!! 

I haven’t updated my blog in a while and I do need to fill in the gaps. All that needs to be said now is .. my man is back home. He’s back to being amazing, and loving. The man I know he can be. I see him with our daughter and my heart bursts with love. I actually don’t know how I got through 4 weeks of knowing he was with someone else!! Crazy!! 

I’m feeling crappy today. My first period in 11 months is proving to be hellish and I’m feeling a little run down. I would love to just eat rubbish but it’s just a vicious circle. Dominic is out playing pool and knowing I’m feeling crappy he text me saying ‘hope you’re feeling ok’, crazy to think that 5 weeks ago he didn’t seem to even think about me. Although he has later admitted that was never the case.

Baby Ariana is gorgeous! Trying tonight to get her into more of a routine since I’m not breastfeeding as much anymore. I can hear her talking to herself in her crib but she’s there and she’s been there since 8:30pm. Hoping to have mastered that by New Year and also my 8 year old ! Far too many late nights for her! 

Breakfast: Granola and milk (was meant to use almond milk but was in auto pilot)

Lunch: chicken drumsticks

Dinner: rice and lamb curry leftover from what Dom made last night 

Snacks: Banana, apple, cereal bar, olives

Drinks: Detox tea (must drink more water) 

Exercise: None

Cigarettes: 2!!! (Bad) 

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