I’ve been so rubbish ..

Diet!! Meh !!! 

Food!! Meh !!!

Still chunky !!!!!! Meh!! 

My last post I promised 40 days well yeh that didn’t happen! I then put on instagram 21 days (till a night out) and that hasn’t happened. So now I’m nearly day 1 down of it actually happening .. 

No Junk Food, No Wheat, No Sugar ! No gluten free substitutes either!

I really do need to crack on with this now or come January 1st I’m going to find myself looking worse than I did a month ago! 

I’m taking my start weight as 14 stone 2, 2 stone heavier than my pre pregnancy weight. OH is getting tired of hearing me say ‘diet starts tomorrow’ and to be honest SO AM I! 

Things are good in my relationship but I know with me feeling better about myself it could still be better. I’m still feeling vulnerable, my mind still works overtime at times and although he still calls me beautiful and our sex life is good I know deep down he would love to see me comfortable in my own skin again! 

I cannot believe my baby is 11 weeks today and wow what an 11 weeks! She also slept from 9:30pm – 8am last night , such a good little girl ! 

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