Day 3 without seeing him, why am I feeling crazy?? I’ve done this before .. ! 

Woke up this morning feeling sad, just wanted to call him. I told myself I needed to go the whole day.. Then he calls. For fuck sake! He misses me, he’s gone too far this time, he isn’t giving up. I think he will, it is going to take time for him to even seek help let alone fight for this. He’s still obviously wanted, police came for a welfare check today. Have I heard from him? No I say. What’s his mobile number? I’ve deleted it I lie. 

The longer they take to catch up with him the more likely it is women like myself just don’t want to go through with it. Last time I dropped it because I genuinely thought it did what I wanted the effect to have. I had got away from him, calling the police wasn’t a waste of time in my eyes. It had the desired effect. I was too weak though and 2 weeks later the anger had gone and the love was back! 

I made the decision to block him this evening, when he texts I am anxious to reply. When he doesn’t text I want to text him. Blocking helps me psychologically, I can feel content knowing he will try and contact but when I don’t respond he is being punished more than by me responding and promising everything will be ok. I’ve told him he needs to answer the social worker in order to see his daughter. I bet he still hasn’t. Well his loss and he cannot blame me when he doesn’t see her. 

How the fuck did my life become this?? 

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