The alcohol made me sick

.. so so sick! I wasn't even out long either and I came home to throw up everywhere. Gosh what a mess! Luckily I had plans today with my nieces birthday but now it's evening and I'm sat on my own I am struggling with these emotions. I have such an urge to speak to... Continue Reading →


It's only 9:30am but I do have the urge to write. We all had a lovely lay in this morning and are all still in our pyjamas. I will get us all ready soon so I can go out and finish my Christmas shopping! So my urge to write is after a conversation with someone... Continue Reading →

On reflection

Today was my last working day of the year. I am so thankful for the amazing business I am part of. The director is open and honest in the fact she believes she has a great team and 2018 will be an amazing year for all of us. I am lucky that they know what... Continue Reading →

Time management..

I believe it's a skill that I don't have the hang of very well. I'm laying in bed flicking between my social media platforms, staring at the most recent book I'm reading for personal development, a printed copy of my book so far laying next to it and my business law text book is on... Continue Reading →

Who has the answers?

I'm not sure anyone does in how to combat domestic abuse in households but I sure as hell know we have more chance at doing so with the help of domestic abuse survivors than those who have never experienced it. I have a friend who works for social services, very knowledgeable on the subject but... Continue Reading →

Focus and succeed

I feel shattered, I feel lonely and I feel sad. I miss him. The nice him. I resent him. The devil him! I just can't get it out my head. The healing process is rough! My presentation didn't go exactly the way I would have liked where I got a little emotional and cut out... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow is the day

When I booked this presentation at a networking meeting I felt incredibly nervous. Now it's the night before I feel completely fine. I know what I am talking about, it's something I feel incredibly passionate about it and in fact I am quite excited. I want to do some final notes tonight just for structure... Continue Reading →

This time last year

Really bad week this week, like a weird crazy emotion in my head. I keep imagining being hit by a man, a different man to my ex. I imagine and feel how that would feel, then I remember the times I was hit for real. The most recent time was one of the worst, hit... Continue Reading →

What is wrong with people?

So on Monday I'm presenting on the importance of boundaries yet I still have to question where the hell mine are! I bought myself an iPad today, my mum put towards it and I've done the right thing. Not opened it up yet. I got my girls some matching Christmas pyjamas today too and that's... Continue Reading →

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