40 + 1

I knew it just knew it, I would go over! 

Saturday night I got some pains that scared me, made me feel not ready. Reminder of what’s to come! They bloody hurt , it was 8 years ago I did it but I still remember !! 

They didn’t develop. 

I didn’t sleep too well last night. Woke numerous time then at about 3 I actually got up to watch a bit of TV. It’s nice having a cuddly sleeper in my bed but he does have a habit of laying right in the middle of the bed .. And when I’m this size I need more blimming room!! Restless legs were bad through the night too! 

Trying to just take each day as it comes. I have a stretch and sweep booked for Wednesday so hopefully that may get things moving. 

Dominic has started a new job today, they have cleared 2 weeks paternity as soon as baby as arrived but he’s on training this week so would be nice for him to get this week out the way before she is here. 

Laying on the sofa this morning just chilling I do think how nice it is for me to do this knowing I’m still growing my baby but when it comes to just normal tasks it’s pretty hellish! Breathless, aching and my face is very swollen! 

Oh baby girl when are you coming ??? 

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