Day 1

Not blogged in a while, but that doesn’t mean nothing has happened. I’ve had many more failed diet attempts and quite a few more rows in my relationship. Today life has gone semi back to normal after the Christmas and New Year hype and it’s about time I combatted this weight properly and for good! 

I need the old me back! Yes the Mr is a crazy irractic arse but my insecurities do not help! 

Dec 2015 compared to Dec 2016 – What a difference! 

I will weigh myself tomorrow and this time I will stick with it! I just have too.

Crazy behaviour from other half occurred earlier when I wanted to go to the shop. He commented how I need to take the children as he’s going out, then said don’t take out baby as she has a cold. So once I questioned what he expected me to do,he did realise his stupidity but the attitude is just insane. He also got mad when a bottle he was using was leaking, he didn’t enjoy me explaining which head went on each bottle but I managed to not rise to his irrational behaviour and we got through the day without any real arguments. 

Sadly I believe once I get back my confidence I will find the strength to leave and to leave properly. Certainly not due to lack of love but how Jekyll and Hyde he is. Oh and let’s not forget what he actually did to me when pregnant 😢

Calories consumed: 1285                        Steps: 4370                                                           Mood: Fair but motivated 

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