Diet time! 

I I really need my confidence back, I need my body back. This picture shows how much confidence I did have. I did well for a week and then I kind of went off plan. I’m about to go serious now though .. 

20 days until my birthday and my first proper night out! If I haven’t lost a stone I won’t be happy! 

Thursday night we saw Dom, he was actually on time but acting off and cold. That act drives me mad. He accused me of taking his phone. I ain’t interested in his phone .. then he gets mad when I get mad regarding the accusations. He then goes off on one saying ‘I don’t want her and right now I don’t want you’ .. I break him down before he goes though. He cries before he leaves and he jokes about how I’m not allowed to talk to anyone or date anyone 🙄

Friday we had a really great day. I made the effort to not mention ‘us’ , I was so annoyed with myself the night before for doing so. He bought it up first saying how much he loves us both, how he doesn’t want anyone else. It was flirty, it was fun. This is the Dominic that makes me insanely happy. 

Since then we haven’t argued but he has been too busy to see us. I haven’t reacted YET but it has reminded me of his lifestyle and how even without the cheating thing he wound me up and hurt me. All this stuff that was meant to stop when baby was here clearly hasn’t and is not about too. This stuff wasn’t about ‘revenge’ this is just him! If he was still living with me it wouldn’t be as bad but he needs to watch it because yes I love him but showing me this side still won’t keep me wanting him. Why do we always want men who keep us on our toes ? If it was easy I would get bored .. guaranteed! What a mess! 

Anyway .. today is Sunday. Weird day to start a diet but another day off plan could put more weight on! I have meal replacements and I know this works! It works so well, done it many times before! 

On this 💪🏼

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