Ready for day 3

Ok day 1 went , soup, chicken and fruit! Then day 2 was fruit, meal replacement and a jacket potato. I did have a sweetie lolly and a Dr Pepper too tho 🙈! 

We had a Halloween get together at my friends house. It was nice to have Dom there, I’m still feeling a little dubious this morning though. 

Sunday he called me late on after I had been trying him all day. I didn’t send abuse, although I did have a message ready if needed. He straight away was like ‘babe don’t go mad’ and basically had thought he had lost his phone but his friend had it. He came to see us in the evening and straight away is warm, friendly and just acting like we’re in love. He stays until nearly 2am. Tells me he’s coming back first thing as not at work … I know that doesn’t happen but for some reason I’m a lot calmer with him and it’s working. 

He’s comes around 2pm after I woke him at 12:30 and even answered the phone calling me his sugar dumpling. I mean what name is that … ha but trust me it’s a lot nicer than some of the things he’s called me. 

She’s still ringing him though and realistically I don’t actually know what he’s saying to her. She has shared some interesting quotes on Facebook though which indicates she’s hurting. Well more fool her she knew what she was getting in to. 

He said last night he’s gonna move back new year , fresh start and all that. I understand how he’s reluctant in bringing his clothes here again and he also thinks not rushing back into anything is the way forward. I somewhat agree. If she wasn’t on the scene I would be totally ok with it but I’m constantly thinking oh he’s with her… which is bound to be the case ey. 

I’m seeing him later and I do need to be firmer, stronger and wiser !! 

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