So lucky … 

I went to bed last night at 10pm so this post had to wait until this morning. I woke up yesterday still thinking about it, of course I will. He’s been in my life far too long and we’ve been through far too much to give up. I went over old blog posts and his letters again, a reminder of how bad I had it when he first went. I couldn’t help but cry. 

Today was meant to be the last day with my car. I’ve had my car for 2 years now and I was originally completely ok about having to get the bus for a while. It finally hit me today … ‘I can’t not have a car.’ I was feeling super anxious about it, I need my independence especially with the current set up! After looking online at second hand cars, it worked out the better option to buy the car from the lease company. I feel so lucky I have had that support from my mum and step dad. It really picked up my mood and I was so happy to still have my car. 

I called Dominic to tell him. He was happy for me too, he said how he walked past mine earlier and so wished I was in. The conversation saw him call me amazing and again tell me how much he loves me. Letting him realise on his own that the grass isn’t greener is working better and sooner than I thought. It probably makes absolutely no sense to anyone but I know what I’m doing.

I weighed myself, only a pound and a half weight loss. What rubbish ! My nan even commented about how slim I was getting and joked about how she wished she could disappear like I am lol but the scales didn’t show this! I then had a bad day, pasta, white bread, sweets and chocolate! 

New day today ! 💪🏼

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