The time has come ..

I just got the phone call. He’s in custody, he’s been arrested and he’s about to go in for interview. I feel sick. Monday night my baby woke up at 11pm and by 2:30am I was so beside myself with tiredness and anger I called him to release that stress. It helped, he took everything... Continue Reading →


I go from wanting her here like ASAP to being ok about there still being time left. I am getting the odd tightenings but nothing major still. I went for breakfast this morning with two other pregnant women, we spoke about men and their dealings with pregnant women. On a whole yes they are rubbish,... Continue Reading →

9 days to GOOO!!

It's after midnight so i could technically say 8 even, although I'm pretty sure she won't be coming early. With scan bringing me forward anyway by 4 days and well just my luck really to end up going over and have to be induced. 23rd September is my date for that joyous event, so any... Continue Reading →

The unreasonable man..

After studying law and hearing the reference to the reasonable man on many many occasions I am left wondering if this man really exists. My man is not reasonable, he is even that unreasonable he does not even know himself what he expects of me to acommodate his unreasonableness. Let me explain.... so he's been... Continue Reading →

Fat Friday

Diet: Bad   Relationship: Good   Mood: OK Another hot stuffy day, I was promised rain and it did not deliver. Looking at the forecast there is no rain for the forseeable future either. I want rain, I need it to be cooler. I'm still super lucky that I havent had any swelling. My feet still look... Continue Reading →

DFS made me happy…

It is crazy the difference 24 hours can make. The day started off badly, a normal pre school run row with the boyfriend over his selfishness and his ability to wind up my 7 year old daughter. I swear I often feel like there are 2 children already under this roof. He fails to see... Continue Reading →


Feeling pretty miserable this evening. Hate that I can go from feeling positive, excited and super optimistic to feeling just down right fed up. I'm feeling my sisters pain, I hate seeing her this way and all she is doing is blaming herself. Making comments regarding her postpartum stomach, how she feels so ugly and worthless.... Continue Reading →

3am Lasagne

It's 3:30am and I am wide awake because I feel so angry. This is why I care less, it just makes this bullshit easier to cope with and then as soon as I let my guard down slightly I get fucked over once again! Dominic totally over-reacted earlier because I didn't want to facetime, he's... Continue Reading →

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