Baby’s first hospital trip 

It’s pretty scary for mother to see blood in your baby’s sick as you can imagine ! I first called NHS direct at 3:45 am on Monday morning. What a surprise Dominic wasn’t contactable.

We went for lunch on Sunday as planned and we ended up being together for like 8 hours. It’s one thing saying he can have minimal contact but when we’re together and getting on, why would I begrudge our daughter and also me of this family time ?! He wanted to bath her too and saying no it would just turn nasty. I have to be honest I also like having him around.

I think he realised how important it is to be around more or at LEAST contactable for his daughters sake after he finally learnt she was in hospital on Monday morning. It’s frustrating that he can’t just realise this!

Luckily turns out the blood was likely to be from me after a bad latch. It was well worth the visit as she is now being treated for reflux. Which is likely why she hasn’t gained weight and not due to my breast milk. Dom was brilliant all day, had to tell him again in the evening about himself but he saw sense pretty quickly and he came home with us. I was bloody tired so I really needed the support.

He’s spent the majority of the day here too. I am so torn between knowing I deserve better to thinking we can work through this. Outsiders will call me crazy but I’ve realised now how much I did really hurt him by meeting someone else when he was inside. We have both been unkind to each other and yes his revenge was done at a disgusting time but the thought of life without him kills me. The thought of not giving this another chance for our baby just isn’t an option for me. We haven’t been right for ages and yes she’s still on the scene but I think it will come good.

She called him Sunday stressing as to why he was still with me. After that it was quite easy to show myself exactly how weak he is of a person. He just laid on the bed and I showed him what he was missing. After all I have needs too!

I know he will always tell me he loves me, make comments how ‘mummy needs to have me home’ and making it pretty clear she means nothing to him. Right now he has no where to really go as I’m not ready to have him here full time. Not only due to forgiveness but because of trust. I’m not putting myself in that position again, I’m letting her be the one stressing about where he is and what he’s doing. I’m not going to force him into making a decision nor will I use our baby as a reason we should cut the crap and start again. At the minute it’s like I’m the other woman and I rather it be that way then me being the one cheated on, she thinks he’s here just seeing our baby but separated couples don’t behave like us. Realistically will I be able to trust him again ??? That I’m not so sure about.

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