They do more harm than good…

... in some situations. Like I don't want to knock the whole service as I completely understand how over stretched and over worked they are but in my case and for my family they have done absolutely nothing. They have been completely no benefit at all. Social Services! The scary thing is I spoke up,... Continue Reading →

Baby had her first bottle 🍼

It hasn't been an easy decision and I did ignore the health visitors advice for a week. The breastfeeding gurus on Monday told me to just feed more but realistically with this current set up it's pretty impossible. I don't have the support a woman needs who wants to exclusively breastfeed, I still get pain... Continue Reading →

The boobs are in … 

And omg they hurt today!! I've managed to hand express for relief of some pressure but I've been breastfeeding with tears, gasps and a lot of ouchies this evening.  I wrote a post previously on breastfeeding and how I hoped to do it. Not going to lie after that labour, my thoughts on that operating... Continue Reading →

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