Positive mind..

I feel much happier today, far more positive regarding uni. Exams are so close and yesterday I was questioning whether it's actually something I am even capable of. Of course it is! What a silly thought!!Well my weekend... Hmmm... Well!! I worked all day Saturday then did a hostessing shift early evening. That ended and... Continue Reading →

Sex on the Sex…. I mean brain!

It has been ridiculous today. I have been feeling better within myself, almost positive that this time is going so quickly anyway and I really don't have the time to miss him anyway BUT this brain, sex, constant SEX thing is bad. Its been over 4 months. I think it was ok at the start,... Continue Reading →

Prisoners …. Open you eyes

The book I am reading and the conversation regarding the prisoner who died on new years eve has got me thinking about prisoners as a whole. As of 19 December 2014, the prison population is 85,406.  In 2009 (according to the Guardian) 8,500 were former servicemen. The media and social networking sites will praise these men on... Continue Reading →

Why has he not called?

The title of the post would have been for very different reasons this time last year. This year I'm wondering what the hell has happened since Friday when my inmate would have got his phone credit, not a peep out of him. Not seeing him is one thing, but not having a phone call makes... Continue Reading →

My heart behind bars…

The phone just kept ringing, well that was when I actually managed to get through. The engaged tone was constant and the phone just screamed call failed. 100 attempts and I was starting to think 'how much, can I really cope with?' , 'is this going to be my life moving forward?' ... My brain... Continue Reading →

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