Positive mind..

I feel much happier today, far more positive regarding uni. Exams are so close and yesterday I was questioning whether it's actually something I am even capable of. Of course it is! What a silly thought!!Well my weekend... Hmmm... Well!! I worked all day Saturday then did a hostessing shift early evening. That ended and... Continue Reading →

Sex on the Sex…. I mean brain!

It has been ridiculous today. I have been feeling better within myself, almost positive that this time is going so quickly anyway and I really don't have the time to miss him anyway BUT this brain, sex, constant SEX thing is bad. Its been over 4 months. I think it was ok at the start,... Continue Reading →

My heart behind bars…

The phone just kept ringing, well that was when I actually managed to get through. The engaged tone was constant and the phone just screamed call failed. 100 attempts and I was starting to think 'how much, can I really cope with?' , 'is this going to be my life moving forward?' ... My brain... Continue Reading →

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