Diet time! 

I I really need my confidence back, I need my body back. This picture shows how much confidence I did have. I did well for a week and then I kind of went off plan. I'm about to go serious now though ..  20 days until my birthday and my first proper night out! If I haven't... Continue Reading →

Day 1/40

So there's 40 days left of this year and after doing so well with my diet I then went way off the rails over my birthday weekend. My weight loss stood at 2 stone 3 lbs, weighing in at 14 stone 2. Exactly 2 stone heavier than I was this time last year. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Ready for day 3

Ok day 1 went , soup, chicken and fruit! Then day 2 was fruit, meal replacement and a jacket potato. I did have a sweetie lolly and a Dr Pepper too tho 🙈!  We had a Halloween get together at my friends house. It was nice to have Dom there, I'm still feeling a little... Continue Reading →

Reality check…

Ok SO I got on the scales. The scales at the gym too which I am so sure are very generous and well... It wasn't nice. Over a stone heavier than what I was when I was training last summer. People do comment about how I don't look any different but that's because the weight... Continue Reading →

10 weeks pregnant !

It's almost been a week since we had our reassurance scan, scan was showing that everything was fine. I had another bleed that evening but I've put it down to stress related. I have got my self in some right states and it can't be good on the baby. Other half has learnt this weekend... Continue Reading →

Telling the mother…

I feel so angry I don't even know where to start. My mother is to blame! Who else? Our relationship isn't that great, mainly due to how different we both are, oh and let's not forget that growing up she was only ever bitter and unsupportive when he came to my dad. So I told... Continue Reading →

Change of plan .. 

So following on from day 2 I woke on day 3 feeling slightly better. I got up and felt determined that I would have a good day, get the juice down me and all would feel fine. However this wasn't the case, I got the juice all ready and again the smell and the thought... Continue Reading →

Day 2 sickness 

Today has been awful and I can only hope that tomorrow is better. Obviously I wrote mid afternoon yesterday after I had realised what a dumbarse I had been with making my juices but I still felt ok. Evening struck and I realised I could no way stomach the purple thing (Ruby Tuesday) knowing the... Continue Reading →

Enough is Enough… 

Despite getting myself to the gym every morning and completing a small run I still was not getting anywhere fast. I know tiny steps are best but when I gained this weight in such a short space of time, I want it gone in equally a short space of time. I found myself still constantly... Continue Reading →

Easing myself in .. 

Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday this week I ran for an average of 20 minutes. Well I say ran, it wasn't a full 20 min run, it was 1 min running, 1 min fast walking. Like my app told me. It did something though I could feel it the next day, just goes to show how... Continue Reading →

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